mark bartlett

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Having gained a BA (Hons) in Fine Art Painting at Oxford University I astonished critics with my first exhibition, Utter Rubbish, at the Saatchi Gallery and amazed them with my second, It’s a Waste of a Good Picture Hook, at The Hayward. Mentoring of Artists such as Damien Hirst and Tracey Emin followed before I finally woke up ... I put all that nonsense down to the cheese pizza I ate just before bedtime! The reality is very different and having done not so well at school (I now know this was due to the anxiety disorder OCD which I was diagnosed with some thirty years later) I went on to work as an Audio Visual Technician at the Barbican Centre in London, an Administrator for The Salvation Army in Croydon, a Housing Association in Hastings, Marks & Spencer in Tunbridge Wells and am currently employed as a Flight Attendant for an airline operating out of Gatwick Airport. So not a very artistic background, just the odd, sometimes very odd, watercolour until I took up acrylic in 2007 while having therapy for OCD. Perhaps it will be very clear to you that I don’t have any formal training in the subject, but I take heart from the fact that some artists make an absolute fortune from a few splodges of paint here and there – what some would call utter rubbish. Therefore, I don’t call myself an artist and I don’t paint in a studio but a shed in the back garden. I’ll let you judge whether I’m an artist or not. However, I hope you like some of what you see. Thanks for visiting.

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